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Since our company started in 2006, we have had a vision of bringing the best quality service in heating and cooling to your home with a fair price. Thermo Furnace and Heating Services specializes in residential installation, repair and maintenance of furnaces, boilers, water heaters, fire places and heat pumps. We are professional, caring and experienced.

Thermo Furnace and Heating Services has gained trust from thousands of home owners in BC in the past 11 years. We are licensed and have WSBC Coverage.

Customer satisfaction is the key to our success. If you have any concerns about your heating system, please let us know.
Whether you need a repair or it is about time to replace a new one, we could help you to make a right decision.
  1. Timely service
  2. Expert team
  3. 24 hour service
  4. 1st class service
We are here to help you stay warm when life gets cold in this great province.
One phone call away from getting the right service. Regardless the time of the year, day or night, we will be happy to answer your call and answer any question you may have. If your need is urgent, safety is our priority, and therefore, we will do our best to attend within a reasonable time. 
1st Class Heating 
Our expertise can’t be beaten and we aim to get to you within an hour of your call!

  • Boilers: repair, service, and installation.
  • Furnaces: repair, service, and installation.
  • Heat pumps: repair, service and installation.
  • Thermostats: repair and installation.
  • Hot water tank: repair,  service, and installation.
  • Radiant heating: repair, service, and installation.
  • Gas fittings: stove, barbecues, boiler.
  • Heating maintenance: regular check-ups, up-keep techniques and warranties.
  • Heating/Cooling troubleshooting.
  • Duck cleaning.
  • Dryer vent cleaning. 
  • Gas fireplace: service, repair, and installation.